Johan Junkka

A PhD Candidate in History at Umeå University who studies the relationship between fertility and social networks such as voluntary associations in Sweden between 1860-1950. The relationship is studied by linking historical demographic records with membership data from unions, temperance organisations and free churches.

Main research interests are in historical demography, topic analysis, statistics, data management and record linking.


eujp.pic Junkka, Johan. (2018) "Voluntary associations and net fertility during the Swedish demographic transition". European Journal of Population. doi: 10.1007/s10680-018-9465-5

Reproducable analysis

hitofthefam.pic Junkka, Johan and Edvinsson, Sören. (2016) "Gender and fertility within the free churches in the Sundsvall region, Sweden, 1860-1921". The History of the Family. 21(2). doi: 10.1080/1081602X.2015.1043929

Authors copy and reproducable analysis


ehahelper.pic ehahelper - Event history analysis helper package for R, including predict and tidying functions for coxme.

hitmaps.pic Tesseract OCR boxfile web editor - Web app for editing tesseract OCR box files, using the leaflet maping library and leaflet.draw.

hitmaps.pic Fertility transition research topic analysis - An interactive exploration of topics in fertility transition research from an LDA analysis of a large collection of scientific abstracts published 1964-2014.

hitmaps.pic histmaps - A R data package of Swedish historical administrative boundaries for parishes and counties 1634-1990.

parish.pic swe-parish - Compilation of information on Swedish historical parishes.

bygdea.picBygdeå - a small village in Västerbotten. a dictionary for the minority language Meänkieli.

work.pic hisco - A R package for classification of HISCO codes to Historical social class systems.

mfrt.pic swe-mfrt - Visualization of marital fertility rates by county in Sweden.

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